“The benefits of the functional training that IHPSWIM has so progressively developed brought me from a nationally recognized swimmer to an elite athlete with a world ranking of 22nd.  The workouts that Grif developed were so specific, focused and tailored to me as a swimmer that I was not only feeling stronger but saw amazing time drops in this time as well.”

Elle Weberg

2006 FAU Athlete of the Year
2007 World University Games Qualifier
2008 World Championship Team Qualifier
Ranked 22nd in the world in the 200 Breast

The Institute of Human Performance (IHP) and Grif Fig has played an active and critical role in developing and conducting the dryland strength program for the swimmers that I have worked with in the Boca Raton area dating back from 2000. As a competitive swim coach who deals primarily with 18 year olds and younger, I was skeptical at first about the benefits of what the IHPSWIM had to offer. Over the course of time I have found out the opposite, I have found that what IHPSWIM has done for our swimmers development has been outstanding and even irreplaceable.

During the past 10 years Grif Fig and the Institute of Human Performance have played a direct role in the achievements of the swimmers that would go on to compete at local Championship swim meets, USA Swimming National Championships, FINA International swim meets & the USA Swimming Olympic Trials! Without the contribution that Grif makes to the overall conditioning of these swimmers there is no doubt in my mind that their success would not have been so great.

The program is excellently crafted and well executed allowing the athletes to develop strength, flexibility and increase endurance all while allowing swimmers to progress at their own personal rate and limit the risk of injury. The program is challenging to its participants while being fun! The kids ENJOY it which is always important.

Grif Fig is an extremely knowledgeable, energetic and passionate person. While not on the pool deck daily with the swimmers, he is considered a coaching member on our staff and the swimmers have no hesitation in going to Grif with swimming related questions.

Any and all swim programs of multiple levels will benefit from what IHPSWIM/Grif Fig has to offer! I highly recommend The Institute of Human Performance and Grif Fig to all serious athletes!

Allan E Williams

FLA Aquatics – Site Director

“Since taking over the Boca Raton High School Swim Team in 2005 our program has accomplished great success with the girl’s team taking three state runners-up titles and two FHSAA State Championships. Our boy’s team has climbed from off the charts to a third place finish and a state runner-up title. I have coached high school swimming three years prior to our accomplishments starting in 2005 earning titles that do not compare to our recent success and one of the key elements was implementing training at the Institute for Human Performance with strength and conditioning coach Grif Fig. I am confident that we would not have enjoyed our successes without the hard work of our athletes under the direction of the experts and training program at IHPSWIM. I would not send one of my athletes anywhere else.”

Eric Hill

Head Coach
Boca Raton High School Swimming and Diving

I have been a sports-medicine physical therapist for nearly two decades, and I know a rock-solid exercise program when I see it. IHPSWIM offers the best there is. I am a committed spouse, a father to an active toddler, and a person who likes to stay fit through competitive swimming. Knowing that workout time is a precious commodity these days, I turned to IHPSWIM for help. When I began using IHPSWIM’s strength and conditioning workouts, I was thrilled. The exercises were challenging but functional, and I was able to supplement my swimming with an outstanding and vigorous strength training regimen. The biggest payoff for all the strength training came in May of 2010 when I competed at the United States Masters Swimming National Championships. Not only did I do a number of life time best swims, but I was also selected to swim on a relay. Here, I helped usher in a first place win that would not have been possible without the strength training background I got through IHPSWIM.

Brian Cunningham

Masters Swimmer – National Champion
Physical Therapist

I am a committed spouse, a mother to an active toddler, a junior high school English teacher, and someone who likes to stay fit through swimming. I am not an elite athlete by any measure, yet I like to compete in United States Masters Swimming meets, and I strive to improve my swim times from year to year. As the demands on my time have increased, the sad reality is that pool time is harder and harder to come by. For the past two years, though, I used IHPSWIM’s strength and conditioning workouts to help fill the gaps on the days I could not swim. I did most of the workouts using weights, bands, and a Swiss ball in the comfort of my own home once my son had gone to sleep. Given that my pool time had decreased, I was stunned to see that my swim times have steadily improved. By doing IHPSWIM workouts two times a week, I saw major drops in my swimming times. I’m hooked!

Nell Cunningham

Masters Swimmer
English Teacher

As a swimmer, it is difficult to find a training program that not only incorporates critical core work that I need, but also prevents injury in already overworked muscles. IHPSWIM’s comprehensive, yet specific approach to training has directly contributed to my success in the pool, and an accumulation of Senior and Junior National time standards.

Fallon Fitzpatrick

High School State Champion
Junior National Qualifier
Senior National Qualifier

The sport specific training implemented at IHPSWIM gave me the edge I needed to take swimming to the collegiate level. I gained 30 bounds of muscle in about a year which has changed me dramatically as an athlete. The form, balance and techniques that Grif taught me will not only help me throughout my swimming career, but for the rest of my life.

Eddie Sears

High School State Qualifier

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