LAPS Training System

Optimum Performance is no longer a hit and miss proposition when it comes to improvement. You must train properly and with specificity. Training properly means that your training needs to be functional.

What does that mean?

The concept of functional training dictates that the body acts in movement patterns, not isolated muscle actions. Therefore our functional dryland training approach focuses on movement actions related to swimming, not isolated body-building exercises. If you desire is to be the best in the world, then your training must reflect that. At IHPSWIM we understand that what is functional for one athlete is not necessarily functional for another and because we understand that – we train not only functionally, but with sport specificity.

LAPS – Swim Specific Training

The four essential components, Lower Body Power, Alignment and Core Rotation, Pull and Push Power, and Shoulder Stability, also known as L.A.P.S have been created by IHPSWIM to ensure that our training meets all the demands that a swimmer will face.

Lower Body Power includes all movements and exercises that will help strengthen and ultimately make the hamstrings, glutes and quads more powerful. These exercises will improve power in the start, turn , and kick.

Alignment and Core Rotation are very important in generating power in the water as well as maintaining proper technique throughout the race. Through a variety of core stabilization and rotational power exercises our athletes show tremendous improvement in these areas.

Pull Power is so important in swimming since it is involved in every single stroke we take. Our programs specifically targets the pulling muscles (lats, posterior delts, rhomboids, etc.) and teach these muscles to move explosively. Pushing also plays a role in swimming and we target those muscles as well.

Shoulder Stability is a very important aspect of our program. Shoulder injuries are way too common in the sport of swimming. Injury prevention is always our # 1 priority. Every training session includes some exercises that help strengthen and stabilize the shoulder joint through all ranges of motion.

LAPS training components address the most important aspects of the swimming athlete. Using our training systems makes it easy for anyone to design an excellent workout for a swimmer and hit all the necessary training components. Each swimmer that trains with these principles will become stronger and more explosive in the water.

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