Designing a Power Workout

IHPSWIM – Designing a Power Workout

 By Grif Fig

 Many different options exist when it comes to strength training making it difficult to design a program that has time restraints. Where do the traditional exercises go? Where do the functional/sports specific exercise go? How about core exercise and the power exercises? Deciding where to put these exercises and how much to do of each one is a challenge for a lot of swimmers and coaches.



IHPSWIM uses triplexes, which is a 3 exercise circuit that integrates the many different options that exist in one workout.  This is a great way to integrate traditional lifting with a power movement and a functional or core movement. Performing these types of circuits during training enables you to work on absolute strength, power development, core strength, and sports specific movements all in one circuit! Here is the basic format that we use.


Exercise # 1 – Traditional Exercise (ex. Squat, lat pulldown)


Exercise # 2 – Power Exercise        (Box Jump, Med Ball Slam)


Exercise # 3 – Functional/Core Exercise   (Standing Cable Pulls, Prone SB Twisters)



For the next 4 weeks I will have our swimmers go through a power phase. They will performs a traditional strength exercise (5 reps), followed by an explosive exercise using the same muscle groups (5 reps) and ending the circuit with a functional movement (10 – 20 reps).

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